Meet the Team

Our staff are amazing people.

Jacqueline - Executive Director

With twenty years’ experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in the community Jacqueline was instrumental in creating the initial concept for Steer Friend in 2016/2017 and she was there when Steer Friends opened the doors to its first members in 2018. By identifying the need for a specific type of program for adults over 21, like her sister Stephanie, she has been an integral part of building on the foundation and expanding the program.

As an honours graduate in the Business Marketing and Personal Support Worker programs Jacqueline has guided every aspect of the work at Steer Friends. She uses her first-hand understanding of the importance of supports for the person and their families, supports which are essential as they transition into adult services.

When not working at Steer Friends Jacqueline loves going to the cottage, swimming in the lake, sunset boat cruises, or re-watching Grey’s Anatomy!

Jacqueline is inspired by her family. Watching her parents’ support, encourage and advocate for Stephanie and herself she now does the same for her two children and works to be the best she can be for her family every day. Jacqueline knows that she wouldn’t be who she is without their love and support.

Jacqueline leads by example and believes that “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Kaitlyn - Program Coordinator/RPN

At Steer Friends, Kaitlyn has been instrumental in developing the programs. She became a part of the Steer team in 2020 and her passion for giving back and making a difference is evident in everything she does. Every moment at Steer Friends is filled with Kaitlyn’s presence as she is able to light up the room and bring the highest level of joy, fun and enthusiasm to every activity.

Inspired by herself, Kaitlyn consistently shows that she “BELIEVE(s) and lives her dash”. Her zest for life extends to her dog nephew, Eddie and the various activities that fill up her free time. She is known to be surprisingly good at interior decorating, decorating Christmas trees, shopping for deals and speed walking! She also enjoys binge watching Netflix, running and arts & crafts.

As a natural carer Kaitlyn knew that she had to continue her journey of learning and recently completed the Registered Practical Nursing program at Seneca College.

Kaitlyn’s greatest pleasure comes from being able to put a smile on the members’ faces and expanding her knowledge of working with people with disabilities so that she is able to support the members in every way.

Juliet - PSW Lead

Caregiving is what Juliet is known for and she began providing for others in 2007, first as a live-in caregiver and then as a Personal Support Worker. Juliet has been working at Steer Friends since 2020 providing wonderful care for the members as she ensures that all their needs are attended to. She believes in providing optimum care to all of her clients whether at Steer Friends or elsewhere.

Juliet is very good at accomplishing anything she sets her mind to and she takes great pride in creating processes for Steer Friends and completing all of her assigned tasks. When not at Steer Friends Juliet enjoys challenging herself by playing table tennis or tennis on a court and playing the guitar. She also likes walking, biking, watching movies and Filipino and Korean TV shows.

As someone who is inspired by people who are humble, meek, calm and wise, Juliet believes that one should “count your blessings and not what is missing”. When at work Juliet believes that “hard work spotlights the character of people. Some turn up their sleeves, some turn down their noses and some don’t turn up at all.” Sam Ewing

Cinzia - Program Assistant

Cinzia began working at Steer Friends in 2020 as a co-op student, which was followed by volunteering and her current role as a program assistant. Liking Steer Friends is easy for Cinzia and her enthusiasm for all things Steer is evident in everything she does. She is passionate about supporting the members in all of their activities while having fun and her ability to always bring energy and excitement to a room creates a boisterous and entertaining environment for everyone.

During Cinzia’s spare time she enjoys skating with her brother and going out with friends. She also finds time for photography, reading, playing hockey and watching TV, particularly Grey’s Anatomy and the Umbrella Academy.

Being inspired by Spiderman, Cinzia is able to leap to the aid of anyone who needs her help. Her caring nature leads Cinzia to “be the change you wish to see in the world” as she spreads her kindness and joy.

Jade - Program Coordinator/DSW

Jade has been working in the developmental service sector since 2018, supporting in schools, day programs and respite. She is a proud graduate of the Developmental Service Worker program at Centennial College.

Working at Steer Friends allows Jade to share her passion for promoting equality and inclusive living within society. She finds joy in the amazing connections that she has developed with each member during the group activities and also by providing a weekly individualized one on one program for them.

During her spare time Jade loves collecting crystals, getting creative with makeup, shopping and spending time with her friends and family. Jade also shares her love with her dog, Georgi, and two cats, Mittens and Chandler Bing. Considering her cat’s name it’s no surprise that Jade is a fan of Friends. She also enjoys watching a very eclectic TV mix of Private Practice, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Jade is most inspired by her family who support and encourage her to be her best self and believes, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the h**l you gonna love somebody else?” RuPaul

Lindsay - PSW

As a Personal Support Worker since 2002, Lindsay continues to be inspired by creating meaningful relationships, being a source of support and sharing empathy and joy with others. At Steer Friends, she finds her joy through interacting and sharing a laugh with the members and finding creative ways to do activities with them.

Lindsay has a very diverse mix of activities that she enjoys doing during her spare time. Her hobbies include swimming, running and knitting. She also likes doing arts & crafts and reading and is surprising good at making piñatas. Lindsay is also fond of watching documentaries and baking competitions.

Believing that “there is always something to be grateful for”, Lindsay is able to constantly see the good in situations and others. Her most passionate desires are to always be the best mother she can be to her two children and to surround herself with like-minded individuals.